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Equipping for care.    

For a child who has experienced trauma, the world can be a scary place.

At OrphanWise, we believe healing is possible — ​some children just need special care to overcome and thrive.

Our mission is to get the right tools to the caregivers who need it most.  We equip adoptive parents, foster parents, children’s home staff, teachers, child welfare professionals and churches to work with at-risk and traumatized children.


Whether you choose to sponsor an individual family or an entire training, your gift provides caregivers with the resources they need to be a safe space for the children in their care.


Using models like Trust Based Relational Intervention®, we host practical workshops for families, children’s home workers, child welfare professionals and more.


In addition to providing group trainings, OrphanWise also facilitates coaching sessions tailored to meet your family’s individual needs.