$3.10 is all it takes to change a child’s life.

As the pandemic compelled other organizations to shut their doors and limit services, OrphanWise doubled down.  With the same operating budget, OrphanWise nearly tripled our impact from 2019 to 2020, impacting more than 14,000 children total — all at a cost of $3.10 per child.

From foster parents, to teachers, to school resource officers, to children’s home staff, OrphanWise has equipped over 600 adults to be a source of healing in the lives of the children with whom they interact on a daily basis. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can bring hope and healing to a child.

Double your impact.

It doesn’t stop there.  One of our generous donors has pledged to match all gifts received through the end of 2021 up to $10,000, which would allow us to impact 6,451 children’s lives. 

Your tax-deductible contribution will have twice the power!

With the matching gift, your one-time gift of $31.00 will change the lives of 20 children. 

By choosing to become a monthly donor, your gift will impact 130 children over the course of a year.  

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