1. Teams will start with a standard item and must barter their way to bigger and better items between Sept. 1 and Oct 1.
  2. OrphanWise donors who make a donation during this time frame will receive one raffle entry for the final prizes for every $20 given.  Donors may choose to support a particular team at orphanwise.org/change.
  3. Raffle winners will be announced on Monday, Oct. 5.
  4. Donors must select a team to sponsor in order to receive an entry in the final drawing.  Donors will be entered into the drawing for the final item that their chosen team secures.  Final items may not be redeemed for cash.
  5. Teams are not accept or offer cash as a part of trades.  Anyone who wishes to support the Change-a-Thon should be encouraged to donate on our website at orphanwise.org/change.