Trade up. Help out.

Since our inception in 2018, OrphanWise has equipped parents and caregivers with the resources their children need to succeed.  Now more than ever, parents of children who have experienced trauma — especially adoptive and foster parents — need support in order to help their kids flourish during these difficult times.

In the spirit of promoting bigger and better victories for children who have experienced trauma, we’re kicking off our inaugural Change-a-Thon.

Here’s how it works: 

1) Each team begins the competition with a band-aid and must barter their way to bigger and better items between Oct. 1 and Nov. 1.

2) Individuals who make a donation during this timeframe will receive one raffle entry for the final prizes for every $20 given.  Donors may choose to support a particular team by donating on this page. 

3) Teams may not accept or offer cash in exchange as a part of trades.  We encourage everyone who would like to donate to the Change-a-Thon here.  (As a bonus: Your donation gets you more entries in the final drawing!)

4) Raffle winners will be notified on Nov. 4  Please click here for raffle terms and conditions.

Why a Band-aid?

At any one of our trainings, you’re likely to hear the words, “Do you have any hurts, inside or out?”

Part of our training entails “Nurture Groups,” where caregivers are led to practice trust-building activities with fellow participants for the purpose of later practicing them with the children in their care.  These exercises facilitate connection, one of the core principles of our three-step approach.  One of these activities involves teaching children to express their “hurts” — whether internal or external — and putting a band-aid where the other person directs.

To us, a band-aid is a simple reminder of the hope for healing available to all children who have experienced trauma.

Meet The Teams

The Lady Bunch
Katie Rinaudo, Emily Rutledge, Sharon Rinaudo, Veronica Rinaudo, Sylvia Trainer Mazeau

Spanning three generations and several states across the Eastern Seaboard, this fierce, female, family team is united by a shared love of cheesecake, long walks, antique shopping, and competition.


Don’t Stop Ballieving
Doug Pileri, Debby Pileri, Claire Murray, Kristen Pileri & Nicole Pileri

With team members spread out across multiple states, Don’t Stop Ballieving covers an impressive swath of the continental U.S.  The ball’s in their court, and they don’t intend to swing and miss.  Headed by Mom and Dad Pileri, this family team is a force to be reckoned with


Kay Sera, Sera
Nancy Kacir & Karen Kacir

Mother-and-Daughter team Kay Sera Sera brings 30+ years of thrifting expertise to the inaugural OrphanWise Change-a-Thon.  While Karen and Nancy can’t promise that they’re going to end up with a yacht at the end of this*, they’re looking forward to see where they land.

*Anyone with a spare yacht is encouraged to reach out.