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International Impact

OrphanWise is unique in its emphasis on establishing trauma-competent communities both in the United States and in Latin America.  For every training we conduct in the United States, we facilitate a sister-training in a developing country so that those children have the opportunity remain in their own cultures with well-equipped caregivers.

At OrphanWise, we’re passionate about sustainable, responsible development and follow-up support. By working with local practitioners, OrphanWise is able to provide ongoing support after the initial training ends, ensuring long-term adoption of program strategies.

International Services

Facilitating Trainings

OrphanWise personally facilitates a Spanish-language version of its standard TBRI® training, which aims to participants to look beyond the surface and heal the long-term root of children’s behavioral issues.

Modified and Condensed Sessions

Depending on the needs of each specific audience, our team also offers short sessions on child development, emphasizing the importance of compassionate care, adequate nutrition and hydration and non-violent correction of problem behaviors.

Supporting International Partners

We believe in the local community’s ability and responsibility to care for its children.  As such, OrphanWise is proud to work with and train TBRI® practitioners around the world, in order to establish trauma-competent communities.

Our Work in Paraguay

Learn how you can make a difference for the children and families of Paraguay.

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