These are some of our most recommended videos, books, podcasts, and articles about how to understand and handle the tough situations that come your way as you work with a child from a hard place.

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  • Read about the revolutionary intervention and how it was developed at the Karyn Purvis Institute for Child Development (KPICD) at Texas Christian University. 
  • Video overview of TBRI. (Spanish version)
  • KPICD YouTube Channel
  • Trailer for the moving documentary “All Rise for the Good of the Children” about a Texas judge who brought TBRI into her courtroom and how it changed lives.  Watch the full movie for free, here
  • Karyn Purvis’s original and beloved book The Connected Child has changed countless adoptive families and their trajectories 
    • A Spanish-language edition of The Connected Child (El Niño Adoptado) is also available for purchase.


  • Trauma severely impacts a child’s brain development. The Whole-Brain Child gives caregivers 12 practical ways to help recuperate lost ground and kickstart a child’s full brain development again. 
  • Does your child hate loud noises? Bang their head against the wall? Run from certain smells or constantly have something in their mouth? The Out-of-Sync Child helps caregivers to understand sensory processing disorder and how to make the world a more manageable and less painful place. 
  • Trauma doesn’t just live in the brain; it lives in our whole bodies. The Body Keeps the Score is an excellent resource for anyone who has been through trauma or is working with someone who has experienced trauma. 



  • Pursuit of Orphan Excellence is a book that examines the way we care for orphans and how God created the family to respond to the needs of vulnerable kids.
  • Religion Pura es un podcast en español que se trata de muchas cosas relacionadas al cuidado del huérfano y el niño vulnerable.
  • THINKOrphan is a podcast by Phil Darke, a leader in caring for vulnerable children and the international movement for better orphan care.
  • Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) is an organization dedicated to mobilizing the global church toward God’s call to care for the orphans. 
  • Alianza Cristiana para Huerfanos (ACH)

    es una organización dedicada a la movilización de la iglesia latina para el llamado de Dios para cuidar a los huérfanos.