Our Training


Leveraging Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®), OrphanWise offers training to those who work with children and teens who come from difficult backgrounds, such as foster or adopted children or children who have experienced abuse, bereavement, neglect and other trauma.  Developed by the Karyn Purvis Institute for Child Development at Texas Christian University, TBRI® teaches participants to look beyond the surface and heal the long-term root of children’s behavioral issues.


“The message of hope for our families is that we can help our children to dramatic levels of healing. We simply have to be devoted to it and be wiling to invest what it’s going to take.”

– Dr. Karyn Purvis, creator of Trust-Based Relational Intervention.

Research indicates that trauma in childhood causes the brain to change and development to be altered.

Children who have experienced trauma have different brain chemistry from their peers, often living in a heightened state of fear that impedes sound decision-making.  Understanding how the brain has been injured and how caregivers may work to actively heal those injuries is the key to seeing these children thrive.

Through OrphanWise’s four-part training, caregivers will learn the three basic principlesTBRI® employs to empower parents, teachers and ministers to heal the injuries trauma has inflicted upon children in their care:

  • Connecting: The essence of TBRI®, connection focuses on practical ways to build healthy relationships and attachment. Through eye contact, healthy touch, and other practical ways to build bonds, caregivers are guided into creating secure attachments that catalyze the healing process.
  • Empowering: Empowerment focuses on making the child feel safe and meeting physical needs. This module teaches caregivers techniques for being aware of and consistently providing adequate hydration, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and sensory needs for the children in their charge.
  • Correcting: In this stage, caregivers are taught strategies for imparting self-regulation skills to the children in their care. In this step, participants learn strategies to better manage tantrums, aggressive behavior and more.

TBRI® has been shown in studies to be effective in promoting drastic change in the outcomes for struggling kids and teens. Furthermore, the method empowers caregivers to be more in control of themselves and provide calm instead of joining in the child’s chaos.

If you are interested in scheduling a training at your organization, please contact katie@orphanwise.org.  Individual, single-family and small-group consultations are also available.  Trainings are available in both English and Spanish.